Our Story

How It Began:

A warm welcome to all those who are interested in good health and organic wellness. My name is V. Sivakumar. Varaha is the manifestation of my dream towards an organic planet. I come from a village near Coimbatore named Devangapuram. I am a Mechanical Engineer and also possess certifications in Boiler Operation Engineering and Energy Auditing. This may make you wonder as to how I ended up in organic farming. Let’s call it destiny or nature’s beckoning.

I come from an agricultural family though, my father never intended me to take up the family profession of ploughing the fields. I did not have much enthusiasm towards farming in my younger years. It was only as I got older that I realized the importance and necessity of farming. However, I also understood the immense difficulties surrounding agriculture in India.

The complications involving consistent labour, availability of water, the nature of the land, timely Government support and other such factors became aware to me. I understood that following the modern farming methods involving chemical fertilizers and pesticides would result in enough agricultural produce, offering adequate material profits. But, the impact of such farming on the soil, the environment and the planet as a whole on a long-term basis is nothing short of terrifying. This epiphany practically forced me, in 2011, to not only take up farming, but also to do it the organic way, 100%.

I not only wanted to be successful in organic farming, but it became a fierce ambition to show my material success to fellow citizens, interested in farming, to take up the organic way. As they say nothing succeeds like success, I am striving every day to enhance the scope of my success so that it can be an example for a few others to follow this wonderful and fulfilling profession, while giving back to mother earth.

Varaha Organic Farm Today:

Our Varaha farm today is a fertile, fully organic piece of land capable of producing some of the healthiest vegetables, greens and fruits. The journey and the struggle to reach here and to continue seeking further heights is both frustrating and fascinating at the same time.

Taking up organic farming may sound quite an obvious step considering its advantages, but the practical challenges are a whole different ball game. The foremost challenge for me was to convert the land back into its original organic state after having been fed with a continuous supply of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for decades. In overcoming this obstacle there were considerable financial constraints and social pressures.

There are a whole lot of new learning and paradigm shifts that need to be employed when going fully organic. The knowledge of making the soil devoid of chemical toxins, the various types of natural fertilizers, the different organic pesticides that are just as effective and other such critical details form the fundamental tenets of organic farming. Myself and my wife made ourselves become thorough with each one of the above primary aspects.

Due to sustained efforts, constant learning and a love for the nature, Varaha farm today is fully focusing on producing a the world’s best fully organic Moringa plants and their derived value added products, while having been certified as 100% organic according to international standards.

Future Scope and Mission:

We aim to improve upon our moderate success to apply further innovative, eco-friendly techniques in organic farming and increase the yield, taste and nutrition of our products. We also aim to get our moringa based products to reach greater number of people through our company Varaha Agro Products in partnership with Ranketron Ventures, so that we can delve much deeper into organic farming as well as automatically motivate fellow citizens to take it up.

Our mission is to boost the organic potency of our farm to a much higher level. As a result, we aim to provide healthy superfoods and moringa’s inherent natural wellness to our community. An indirect part of our mission will always remain the constant motivation for others to adopt an organic way of life and involve into organic farming in whatever little ways possible.