Our Organic Moringa Farm

The Varaha Organic Farm is located in the foothills of Western Ghats in a serene and green milieu. Started in 2011, our farm is a living example of our love and respect towards mother earth and eco-system. With systematic planning and enthusiastic efforts, we have made our farm into a completely organic piece of land without any presence of chemicals or toxins. In recognition of this, our farm has been awarded International organic certification by ECOCERT, France. As part of this certification, our farm has also been acknowledged to have followed all the necessary steps laid out by Indian government’s NPOP. We have also been successfully inspected for compliance with USDA standards (NOP) and have received the complete USDA certification.

We are presently focusing exclusively on one of nature’s most amazing superfoods, Moringa Oleifera. Our farm has an increasing cultivation of moringa plants with a well laid out plan to give birth to a range of certified organic moringa products primarily its leaf powder and capsules.

We are establishing a uniquely researched and developed organic processing system for our moringa products. The aim of this in-house process is to bring you some of the best organic moringa products with its nutrition and health giving benefits completely intact. We will keep you updated throughout our process as we harvest and convert our moringa plants into specific products. We request your support and show of interest in this endeavour towards an organic society.